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I'm Rachel the founder of "OH,HOW LOVELY".
Founded in 2017 I have worked to create my business into something unique, beautiful & intriguing. Working to create beautiful handcrafted products that will fill your home with beautiful fragrances as well as stunning gifts for you, your family, for anyone!

I decided to finally create "OH,HOW LOVELY" when my love of art reached a peek where I just knew I needed to share it with everyone. Thanks to my wonderful mother & grandmother they gave me the artist gene alongside the business gene. Without their love & expertise this dream would never have happened. 

"When women support each other incredible things happen"
-Viola Davis

"OH, HOW LOVELY" has been live on Etsy for this year (2017-2018) & has made well over 1400 sales and continues to grow.
With our AMAZING customer base and intentions to expand, improve and make this dream come true this website is the beginning of something amazing for me. So to anyone reading this thank you for supporting me & wish me luck! 

We are a legitimate company, Fully CLP Compliant. Fully Insured. 


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