Oh how lovely presents our Crystal Whipp Pot Collection,Our Indulgent Pots are hand whipped and pipped with love at an approx 40 Grams. Which will give you multiple uses of these beautiful wax melts.You will receive 1 Pot per order in the desired scent of your choosing.This pink delight is Scented in, Powdered Rose Petal. Dusted with sweet scented rose petals and biodegradable glitters aswell as your very own rose quartz tumble crystal stone to keep!

Rose quartz harnesses the rays of determination, commitment, and caring. It’s soothing colour calms feelings of anger and resentment and can aid effects to meditate & reflect.

Simply Chop up your wax and drop it in your oil burner or Electric burner light your tealight candle and watch the beautiful colors and take in the wonderful smells!We are fully CLP compliant you will receive a fully detailed CLP label on the back of each product with all hazard statments, pictograms, information and what each melt contains.Thankyou so much for swinging by we hope we see you again soon!Follow our instagram, Facebook or twitter for updates! @Ohhhhowlovely

Powdered Rose Crystal Whipp Pots