Oh how lovely presents our Christmas Collection,Our Perfect Gentlemen Gift Bag is the perfect gift for that fella in your life your sick to death of buying socks, boxers and all those boring gifts for. Your dad, uncle, cousin or brother! Or even a wonderful lady who is just as addicted to the smell of aftershaves just like we are!Pop under the tree already gift baged and ready to go with a bottle of there favourtie aftershave or simply just how it is! Something a little more unique or hopefully the start of them being a wax melt addict like you and me.What you will get in your gift bag - Fully Gift wrapped in a black gift bag with a silk ribbion and golden tissue paper, All Wax Melt Scents indivaully wrapped in tissue paper and ribbon all ready for under the tree, 1 x Dark Grey Wax Burner 1x Set of 3 Ventous Inspired Wax Melts.1x Set of 3 UViolet Inspired Wax Melts.1x Set of 3 Tobbaco inspired Wax Melts.1x Set of 3 SpicyB Inspired wax Melts.Simply Pop one or two of our melts and drop it in your oil burner or Electric burner light your tealight candle and watch the beautiful colours and take in the wonderful smells!We are fully CLP compliant you will receive a fully detailed CLP label on the back of each product with all hazard statments, pictograms, information and what each melt contains.Thankyou so much for swinging by we hope we see you again soon!Follow our instagram, Facebook or twitter for updates! @Ohhhhowlovely

The Perfect Gentlemen Gift Bag

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